Pink Poodle Linocut


The other week, whilst showing my sister how to linocut, I made a simple Valentine’s card with a pink poodle on it (not much to do with Valentine’s I know!)

I have been working on a few projects over the last couple of weeks, which I am hoping to be able show you soon, one of which was a submission to the Secret 7″ project, fingers crossed!

Cambridge Original Printmakers Exhibition


During the weekend I also visited the Cambridge Original Printmakers exhibition. The exhibition includes over 40 local printmakers, both established and up and coming. The event also hosts guest speakers and printmaking demonstrations, for example I saw a demonstration of Chinese Woodblock Printing by St. Barnabas Press.

Highlights from the exhibition include, Andy English, Geri Waddington, Louise Stebbing, Kate Heiss, Nina Sage, John Douglas Piper, Tania Scott Durrant and many more!

The exhibition runs until the 5th October 2014, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about printmaking and even buy original prints!

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My New Book Press

ByEUrtICIAAUvIW.jpg large

For a little while now I have thought about how nice it would be to have a press. Not having much space or funds for a big press I quite fancied getting a book press to do smaller prints on, so I kept an eye out for one. The ones I saw online were out of my area and price range so I didn’t think I had much chance of getting one. One of my interests is old bottles and breweriana and by coincidence a place was recommended for me to visit. It was The Reindeer Pub in Saxon Street, Suffolk, which is not just a pub but a collectables shop! I was in my element looking at all the great stuff when I came across a couple of book presses tucked away under a table. The pub owner told me he got them from a museum which closed down and after a little research I found out they came from the now closed Sutton Windmill and Broads Museum. I know it isn’t perfect as one of the wings are missing, but it works just as well and I am excited that now have a press of my own to play with! Now to give it a good clean…